• Question: why do we live (as in whats the point)?

    Asked by ellsbells12 to Duncan, Julie, Nik, Rachel on 21 Mar 2013.
    • Photo: Nik Watson

      Nik Watson answered on 21 Mar 2013:

      A question i ask myself every now and again.
      To be honest I dont have a clue, I think the key is to just try and have as much fun with the time you have on the planet.

    • Photo: Duncan Gaskin

      Duncan Gaskin answered on 21 Mar 2013:

      Simply we live to have children so that they can have children and so on to keep the human species going. But there is so much more to life than just living.

    • Photo: Julie Bland

      Julie Bland answered on 21 Mar 2013:

      The scientific answer is to perpetuate the specie, we are there to reproduce!!
      More ”human” answer is we are there to be happy have fun with others and try to make the world better (even if just a bit).