• Question: What is the worst result you've had in your experiments/investigations?

    Asked by dom1234 to Duncan, Grant, Julie, Nik, Rachel on 21 Mar 2013.
    • Photo: Julie Bland

      Julie Bland answered on 21 Mar 2013:

      Seeing no effect! Tried new cheese recipe but none improved yield however did manage to find a way around but I was really stress at the time because people pay me to help them and if it hadn’t work would have felt like I was letting them down.

    • Photo: Duncan Gaskin

      Duncan Gaskin answered on 21 Mar 2013:

      Over the years I’ve had a fair number of bad results (as well as good of course!). As for the worst…. I don’t really know, but when you have a really good idea of how or why something does what it does and you set up a really complicated experiment to prove it only to have the results show your idea was wrong! That’s pretty bad.