• Question: what experiments have you been doing lately?

    Asked by racheljn to Duncan, Julie, Nik, Rachel on 21 Mar 2013. This question was also asked by natashahayes364, jdawson2000.
    • Photo: Duncan Gaskin

      Duncan Gaskin answered on 21 Mar 2013:

      Just this week in between chatting and answering Qs I’ve been trying to insert some control genes from a bacteria into something I can use to study how they work. Once IAS is over I can sit down and see what the results I have really mean.

    • Photo: Julie Bland

      Julie Bland answered on 22 Mar 2013:

      I m looking at trying to reduce the salt content of cheese without making less tastier and safer. Cheese is a safe product partly because the salt in it stop bacteria from multipling when the salt content is reduce this protection against bacteria.