• Question: What do you wish to invent one day

    Asked by lewis1646 to Duncan, Julie, Nik, Rachel, Grant on 20 Mar 2013. This question was also asked by dom1234.
    • Photo: Nik Watson

      Nik Watson answered on 20 Mar 2013:

      I invent things all the time as part of my job. Some equipment I invented over christmas is currently travelling around a mountain in Japan being tested.

      I would like to invent more equipment which can be used to make life more fun for us

    • Photo: Rachel Edwards-Stuart

      Rachel Edwards-Stuart answered on 20 Mar 2013:

      Everything in Willi Wonka’s chocolate factory! So far I have only worked on the changing flavour chewing gum.

    • Photo: Julie Bland

      Julie Bland answered on 20 Mar 2013:

      Creating the recipe of a cheese which doesn’t need a lot of milk to make plenty and which would keep very well even in warm weather so people in hot country which lsuffer hunger can have nutritous food all year round.