• Question: is there science behind music, or just maths?

    Asked by tojo777 to Duncan, Grant, Julie, Nik, Rachel on 15 Mar 2013.
    • Photo: Grant Campbell

      Grant Campbell answered on 15 Mar 2013:

      Music is organised sound, and there is definitely science behind sound – lots of physics, to understand how sound waves are formed and behave. That’s called the science of acoustics.

    • Photo: Rachel Edwards-Stuart

      Rachel Edwards-Stuart answered on 17 Mar 2013:

      There is also a link between music and food science. There is a group of scientists at Oxford who study the impact that music plays in how you perceive the flavours of food. For example, depending on the type of music you listen to when eating a chocolate can affect how bitter you find it! Some coffee companies have carried out research in this area to work out the best music to play in their coffee shops in order to make the coffee taste as good as possible! So while Grant has answered your question below, being in the food zone I couldn’t help mention how music links to food science!