• Question: do you like mould?

    Asked by acleacademy to Duncan, Grant, Julie, Nik, Rachel on 17 Mar 2013.
    • Photo: Duncan Gaskin

      Duncan Gaskin answered on 17 Mar 2013:

      Moulds are a group of living things I haven’t really studied, but they look pretty cool and are able to produce antibiotics which kill bad bugs so they can’t be all bad!

    • Photo: Julie Bland

      Julie Bland answered on 18 Mar 2013:

      Yes and no, mould are very important for most cheese because it give a specific taste but also it protect the cheese from drying however on some cheese such as cheddar you don’t want mould even if it is a good one you want on another cheese.

    • Photo: Grant Campbell

      Grant Campbell answered on 18 Mar 2013:

      Yes – in the right place (producing foods like cheese and medicines like antibiotics);
      No – in the wrong place (making food go mouldy).